Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I'm Working On...

Hey, blog, it's been a while. Last time I posted, I mentioned that I'd just gotten a new job and I just finished my third week of work - I love it! I never thought I would enjoy working with younger kids and I have to say I really do adore my toddlers. They're so stinking cute, too. But one of the downsides to working with young kids is that my immune system isn't used to the environment yet, so after my first week I got a really bad case of the flu and two weeks later I'm still trying to get over the lingering congestion from it. (No worries, mostly I just have a cough that won't go away.) So even though I've been crafting... I just haven't had time to blog. So here's an update!

So there are several things I'm working on all at once now. Some are long term projects, i.e., I'll do them sporadically over the next several months and some are shorter term projects, i.e., my goal is to have them done by the end of March.

The one on the right was my first one and I did the second layer backwards - oops!
So the rest of the ones I'm making will be like the one on the left...
So one of the parts of my wedding that I will be crafting will be the bouquets for my bridesmaids! Since I only have three of them and I'm crocheting the flowers, I am confident this will be an easy project to complete before June. Also even though they don't know how to crochet, they are crafty, so I can get their help in assembling flowers into actual bouquets! I'm not sure how we'll do the stems yet (yarn, wire, pipe cleaners...?) but we'll go over it together and decide what they like best. Also, in case you're curious, the "official" palette for my wedding is a light blue (to match the aquamarine in my ring), champagne/linen, and white. So a very light, airy color palette. Almost beachy, but we're not doing the beachy thing. When I've got a more clear idea of what exactly we're doing, I'll share some inspiration. (Or you can just look at my pinterest board on wedding ideas!)

via Ravelry
Another item I'm making for my wedding is a shawl - Little Leaves. I wanted a smaller shawl, since the wedding will be in June and the ceremony will be outdoors. Cincinnati weather put it nicely, so honestly I have no idea if it will be hot, warm, or cool come June, but I also wanted something to wear that I handmade and that will coordinate nicely with both my dress and my ring, which has a leaf pattern on the band. So this will be knit in Shimmer in White, which has a very nice sheen to it, and will have clear beads lined with silver that go really well with the beading on my dress. I'd take a picture of what I've started on this, but I'm only a couple of rows in so it doesn't really look like anything. This pattern has you cast on the bottom edge, so it's really long, and the smallest crochet hook* I have does not fit inside of the beads, so I've been stringing them on with dental floss. Let me tell you, stringing on beads with dental floss SUCKS. I keep meaning to go to a craft store and seeing if they have a small enough hook, but I keep forgetting to stop at one on my way home from work. And this is one of the projects I want to have done by the end of next month, so I should really get that hook...

*I inherited some of my grandmother's crochet hooks and they are all very small. Like the ones you use for doilies and lace. I have no idea what she used them for, as she passed before I was born and my mother can't remember her ever crocheting, but they are so old that some of the Boyle ones are stamped 10¢ (!!!) and two of them are made by L'Oreal. So even if I can't use them, I think it's cool to have vintage crafting tools!

Blanket! In Homespun! Because I'm crazy!
And the last thing I'm working on (right now anyways) is a blanket! This blanket, to be exact, just with different stripe patterning. I got two skeins each of the blue and purple Homespun for Christmas and for whatever reason it was screaming blanket at me. I also got a gift card to JoAnn's, so I used part of that to buy the white and voila, blanket! I tweaked the sizing on the blanket to make it a little bigger so it can be a lap blanket instead of baby sized, since I have no babies. And we have two blankets in our house right now...a giant fuzzy blanket and a medium sized Guinness blanket. Giant fuzzy blanket is awesome and snuggly, but it fits a full sized bed - much too big for the couch. And the Guinness blanket... M can have it. I don't drink beer. So he can have his blanket and I can have mine!

Also this blanket is my winter term OWL project for HPKCHC. The prompt I'm using to fit this into is Defense Against The Dark Arts: Repelling the Cruciatus Curse, meaning do something large, repetitive,  fiddly and/or boring. This project is large, garter stitch is repetitive and therefore boring, and Homespun can be a pain in the butt to work with. Even though I love the feel of it and the colors are amazing, part of me really hates this yarn, but the other part loves it. It was actually one of the first yarns I ever used when I learned how to knit. (BIG mistake - one end of the scarf was twice as wide as the end I cast on because I didn't pay attention to how many stitches I had and it's super easy to accidentally pick up stitches in this yarn.) But it was a gift and it'll make a nice, fuzzy blanket.

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