Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I'm not dead."

"'Ere, he says he's not dead."
"Yes he is."
"I'm not."

There's never a bad time to quote Monty Python, so there you go! And as it says, I'm not dead. The holidays proved busy and so has post-holiday season because M and I have finally gotten sick of our living room looking like it's barely lived in. (It's a very large room and we had one couch, a coffee table, and the TV. It was sad.) So we've been buying furniture and hanging things on walls and doing all sorts of things that we wanted to do back in the summer and fall. Also, we got another cat!

This is Kisa (named after Kisa Sohma, because their personalities are very similar). She's our new, very petite, fur baby and has become good friends with our other cat, Hobbes, in the past 1-2 months we've had her. I'm glad to finally have two cats who like to snuggle together.

Also two big things have happened - one very recently and one not so recently. First the recent one - I found a job! One of my friends works for an early childhood school and when I mentioned I was job hunting, she encouraged me to send in my resume and BAM! interview! So I'll be starting sometime next week once all of my paperwork goes through. So yay!

And the other big thing is...I'm getting married! I was proposed to back in October while out in Utah and we've finally set a date in June. I'll be making a lot of things for the wedding/reception myself (along with the help of my super awesome crafty bridesmaids), so I'll be sharing a lot of those things here because lets face it, crafty girl with a crafty blog is going to have a crafty wedding. Luckily M is ok with this. High-fives to all craft-supporting significant others, because they are the best.

So yeah...I've busy. :) And will continue to be for the next several months, but I am excited about it!