Friday, December 21, 2012

F/O Friday

I finished this cowl a few days ago, but just now got around to photographing it. (I had to wrap it, so I had to photograph it!)

Finished City Creek Cowl!
Sorry about the garish tablecloth, but honestly, this was the best photo out of the ones I took. All of the other ones washed out the color horribly. Don't know why, but whatever. Anyways, this was a fun knit. The pattern calls for two additional repeats of shifting the cables, but the cowl was long enough as is and, you know, I'm running out of time! But regardless, I think it's a good size, it will drape beautifully, and will still be plenty warm. And it only used one skein this way. So I think the leftover skein is going to be turned into something for my mom, since I have a few more days to finish her a gift.

So I have 1.5ish gifts left to finish and then my Christmas crafting is DONE! And then I get to immediately start swatching for a project I want to finish by March. What will I be swatching, you ask? You'll just have to wait and see. I'll also be finishing my Hermione Hearts Ron fingerless gloves and my Paulie (which I sadly haven't touched in over a month). Now that I am officially done with school (I graduated last Saturday!), I have all sorts of time for crafting! YAY!

Can't you tell how happy I am to be finished with school?
Anywho, this is probably going to be my last entry for the year. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and has a happy new year! (You know, if the world doesn't end today, haha!)

Sparkly Christmas tree! We're still building our
collection of fun ornaments, but we got some new
favorites this year. Including OWLS!