Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Crafting Planning...

The time of year has come when I need to start planning and making handmade Christmas gifts. I honestly can't believe it's November, but in a way, I'm pretty happy about it! I get to basically non-stop craft from now until Christmas! Well, when I'm not finishing up school work, that is, but I'm graduating in December and senioritis is trying to get the best of me. But papers-shmapers, I just wanna knit. So what are some of the projects I'm thinking of making right now? Let's see!

First up will be for my future mother-in-law (L), some Abra Alba wrist warmers.

via Ravelry
L really, really likes the Pittsburgh Steelers, so I'll be knitting these up in team colors: black for the main color and then red, yellow, and blue for the ripples. I decided to go with fingerless because she can wear these over whatever gloves she likes. My fiance's family moved out to Salt Lake City, UT over the summer and it gets pretty dang cold out there during the winter, so I didn't want to make gloves that might not be warm enough. And then she can also wear them during the spring and fall months that are chilly enough for fingerless mitts!

Next up will be my younger future sister-in-law (C), a Drawstring Lace Cowl.

via Ravelry
C just turned 18 and I honestly have NO idea what she likes other than she really likes the color aqua. Like...a lot. Her room is aqua, her bathroom accessories are aqua, her favorite shirt is aqua. So since she is also out in UT, she is getting a big thick cowl in her favorite color. Most likely Swish Tonal in Blue Yonder.

And for now, my other future sister-in-law (J) will be getting a City Creek Cowl.

via Ravelry
J is closer to my age and has a soft, pretty feminine style, so I'll be knitting this up in Reverie in Regal, since she really likes dark purples. From what I've seen on Ravelry, even though it's pretty fuzzy, Reverie still gives good texture definition but still has a nice soft, halo about the finished pieces. So hopefully it'll be both pretty and snuggly once it's done!

So as soon as I get the yarn and finish the body of my Paulie (which is about 3/4 the way there!), I'm going to take a short break from it and start on these. I also have a hat to make for my friend C and my mom would like a cat bed for her cat, but other than those and some baked goods, I think this will be it for crafting.

Have you started planning for holiday gifts yet? If you have, I'd love to know what you're making!


  1. I so need to get started thinking abut holiday crafts! I feel so behind already. I'm thinking of knitting cowls for my sisters but I'm not sure what to do for everybody else.

    1. Yeah, it's really hard to figure out what I want to make for people most of the time. I usually have to ask! But my fiance really doesn't know much about what his sisters like (he's sooo different from his sisters and also a boy, ha!), so I had to guess. Gifts are fun, but hard!