Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knitting Updates!

It's been a while, blog! I've been busy with school projects and midterms, so I haven't been posting much, but I have finished a knitting project and have made more progress on Paulie. First up, a cute knitted neck scarf for Christmas:

Knitted Neck Scarf
This was a really quick, simple knit. I used Knit Picks Galileo yarn (50% merino, 50% bamboo) in Nebula. I think the photo gives a good representation of the color - it's a beautiful deep purple and because of the bamboo, it has a nice sheen to it. I have an extra ball, because the pattern calls for 150yds, but I only used 130yds (and a ball is 131yds, convenient!). So my friend C will most likely be getting a matching hat as well, possibly this Swirl Hat

And here's where I currently am with Paulie (plus a few more rows of grey) - arms have been divided and a few stripes completed. I am loving the stripes! My swatch gave me a small idea, but I'm really liking them now that I see them knit in. They're just so much fun! 

You can see it in this photo, but sometimes colors will line up within the same stripe (the yellow near my thumb) and it differs from stripe to stripe and adds this nice prismatic effect. 

My goal is to get 2/3 of the entire body done by the end of the month, which I have NO idea if I'll be able to do. I don't think I mentioned this last time, but I joined a group on Ravelry over the summer call the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC), which has three month "terms" in which you complete "classes". So the neck scarf I did for a Herbology class this month and my Paulie sweater is an OWL, or a larger project that takes 2-3 months to complete. So I proposed, got approved, and started in September and everyone making an OWL is supposed to check in with their 50% mark by the end of October. Why I chose a pattern in fingering weight for my second sweater ever...I don't know...but I am determined to finish it on time. I have to say, being involved in a group like this has definitely made me a more efficient knitter. I have deadlines and that helps me finish projects! I love it. Also the community is so supportive and great. And sharing a love for HP definitely doesn't hurt. :) But I am hoping that even if I don't get to my goal, I at least 3 more stripe repeats done. I might end up knitting a lot while I'm in my university classes, which I haven't been doing. 

Also last weekend was the last weekend of the Ohio Renaissance Festival and I finally was able to wear a costume! I'll be sharing that as soon as I download the pictures off of my camera.