Friday, August 24, 2012

I've Finished a Thing

I finally finished my Forest Beauty scarf for the Ravellenic Games (which ended two weeks ago, oops).

Pearlescent Beauty #1
Blocking pads + blocking wires = super useful!
I didn't end up having as much free time at home, so I mostly worked on this while I was at work. (I work in a computer lab where I can sit at a desk and do pretty much anything that doesn't make noise, which usually ends up being knitting or homework.) So while most of this was knit during the Olympics (specifically during swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball with a sprinkling of diving), I also ended up watching Supernatural and Legend of the Seeker (hooray Netflix!). It doesn't look like it, but this scarf has been imbued with the powers of olympic prowess, paranormal crime fighting, and magical swordsmanship. Not that it will share those abilities with me, but whatever. It'll still come in handy.

So sorry I've not been updating, but we've been stripping the entire first floor of carpet so we can get the floors refinished, I've been working on the quilt I started over a year ago (seen here), and making a muslin of a bodice for my renaissance costume (which I will share later once I get some decent photos). I also went to GenCon and had a fantastically nerdy time and have been recovering from it for most of the week.

Too many people smiled with Lolth. You can't smile with a spider queen!
I do start school on Monday, but the Ohio Renaissance Festival starts in just over a week and I'm going to be frantically working on my costume while I can. Sometime soon I'll share my bodice muslin and all of the fabric I bought for my final costume and possibly a started/finished piece (I still need a few notions, but I have most of the important things). 


  1. Yay for nerd things! I've been frantically working on my Ren Faire dress too. Hopefully we'll get to meet this year at the Faire!

    1. I hope so! I'm not sure what weekends we're going, but I usually end up going more than once. :) We'll have to let each other know when we're going!