Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012!

So the Olympics are finally here! And you know what that means...the Ravelympics Ravellenic Games are finally here too! So while I'm going to be watching swimming, gymnastics, and possibly beach volleyball (I got hooked in 2008), I am going to be knitting up a storm.

I recently bought a few items from Knit Picks, some of which were two skeins of their Shadow Tonal Lace in Pearlescent, so the project I started yesterday was the Forest Beauty scarf/shawl. Based off of the size of the diamonds/leaves I have so far, I think it'll end up more as a scarf size, but we shall see. But this particular shawl gets to compete in events such as Single Skein Sprint and Lace Longjump with the possibility of also being in either Shawl Sailing or Scarf Hockey. I love the event names! There are several more events, my favorites being Home Stuff Hammerthrow and Synchronized Stash Busting. 

I decided to join a Harry Potter themed group (Team Diagon Alley Marauders) because, hello, my name is Lindsey and I am addicted to Harry Potter. My project isn't very HP themed, but several characters such as Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Dumbledore all knit, so we'll just say I'm knitting with them AND the olympics in mind. :) 

So are you participating in the Ravellenic Games? Also what events do you think you'll be watching while you knit?


  1. How fun! I wish I was joining in on the knitting fun, but since we don't have central air, it's just too hot here to knit! :) I look forward to seeing what you make!

  2. Yeah, because of the heat, I decided to stick with something lightweight. Hope you're not too hot and are still finding ways to be crafty. :)