Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Knitting Projects

So last week while I was on vacation and this week while I've been watching movies or just want a quiet project, I've been knitting headbands. Because I have glasses, I don't really like hard plastic or metal headbands, so I'm always a fan of the softer kind. And since knitting is super portable, knit headbands it is. Here's the current one I'm working on (self-drafted 1x1 of stockinette and moss stitch):

I just got Instagram! Nifty app.
And here are some headbands I have knit (and have yet to photograph), plan on knitting, and just simply like:

Eyelet Headband from a Quartet of Headbands
Victorian Lace Headband
It's a Cinch - Also can be used as a collar!

So what do you think about knitted headbands? Are they quick, fun, portable projects you'd want to try or are headbands not your thing?

Close-up of my Calorimetry

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