Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy busy busy...

So June is over. I feel like the past month has been a non-stop whirlwind of business. I really did try to work on my muslin of the Lisette Portfolio tunic, but the scraps I was trying to make it from were not enough. And seeing as how I just moved into a house with my boyfriend, well, I couldn't find the rest of my fabric. So. That's one small reason I haven't posted any progress on the SESA.

The other reason, also attached to moving, is that we have been trying to redecorate parts of the house. As well as unpacking and buying more furniture (since one apartment does not fill up an entire house) and working all the while... But this is part of what we've been up to:

Guest Room - Before
An idea of the before - sorry for the cat stuff!
Guest Room - After
After painting and ripping up carpet.
So this is our guest bedroom, which is what we've decided is a great room to experiment with. There's hardwood floors throughout the house, but they're all carpeted over. We wanted to know what was underneath and since the guest bedroom is currently (mostly) empty*, we figured this was a great place to start with seeing what was hidden underneath all the rather meh carpet. (I don't care for berber carpet much at all and all of the carpet in the house is berber. So long, carpet!) Also this room was hideously blue. That picture doesn't do it justice, considering it's not nearly as blinding as it was in real life. So we repainted the room in a very light, almost grey blue. (The doors shown in the second photo are from the closet.) We've got to clean up the floor - there's some mild water damage in one spot not shown and there's some pieces of padding still stuck, which you can kind of see. Also I need to paint the curtain rods because the former owner did a very quick and dirty DIY with the window hangings in that room. So...more work to be done! Hopefully finished sooner rather than later.

*By mostly empty, I mean that we are kitten-sitting the cutie in the Before photo for one of my classmates and she mostly lives in this room. I don't have any good photos of the before, so I figured a kitten was a good substitute for a decent shot. :D

Apart from not being able to sew however, I did manage to get some fabric today so I can actually make something!

The fabric on the left is a cotton voile that is a dark teal with golden threads in the stripes. There's also some nice texture in the thinner stripes, I'll show a close up later. This will be used for my final Lisette Portfolio tunic (the stripes will be vertical). The fabric on the right is a blue cotton blend (I think) with border embroidery. It's so soft and pretty! This will be used for a simple, gathered skirt that I'm going to self-draft. I got 2.5 yards of each and the best thing is...both were red tag clearance AND half off! So both were less than $5 a yard. Score! I'm glad I took the time to poke around in Jo Ann's clearance section. I found the border print in a purple as well, but the blue was more vibrant and I already have a purple skirt. So hooray! I am hoping to crank out the skirt tomorrow before the festivities for the 4th of July. The tunic will have to wait a few more weeks until after my vacation, but my goal is to get it finished before the end of the month (considering I still need to make a muslin).

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