Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SSSA Plans


So here is the plan for the first project for the Summer Spark Sew-Along: 

Lisette Portfolio Muslin Fabric

I am going to start by making a muslin with some quilting cotton left over from my yukata because I have a few yards left over and they need to be used. (And why make a muslin you can't wear?) If the pattern comes out a little too big, that's ok, I won't mind for his muslin and I'll address fit if needed before I start the final project. I have yet to pick out a fabric for the final version, but I know I want a lightweight cotton, like a lawn, and something that is outside of my typical color palette. I'm working on a moodboard, so hopefully I will share that soon! I have cut out the pattern and plan on doing what Marie from A Sewing Odyssey does for her patterns - cutting and folding. It seems like a good idea and I want to try it out. And I won't feel bad if I mess this pattern up, because I got it for $1 during one of JoAnn's many $1 Simplicity pattern sales. So we'll see how cutting and folding works out!


  1. Good luck! This is such a cute dress-- I bet you will love it!

    1. Thanks! I'm really excited to get sewing.