Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SSSA Plans


So here is the plan for the first project for the Summer Spark Sew-Along: 

Lisette Portfolio Muslin Fabric

I am going to start by making a muslin with some quilting cotton left over from my yukata because I have a few yards left over and they need to be used. (And why make a muslin you can't wear?) If the pattern comes out a little too big, that's ok, I won't mind for his muslin and I'll address fit if needed before I start the final project. I have yet to pick out a fabric for the final version, but I know I want a lightweight cotton, like a lawn, and something that is outside of my typical color palette. I'm working on a moodboard, so hopefully I will share that soon! I have cut out the pattern and plan on doing what Marie from A Sewing Odyssey does for her patterns - cutting and folding. It seems like a good idea and I want to try it out. And I won't feel bad if I mess this pattern up, because I got it for $1 during one of JoAnn's many $1 Simplicity pattern sales. So we'll see how cutting and folding works out!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time to challenge myself!

Summer is here! And what better way to celebrate all my free time than to really do what I want to do... sew. I have been wanting to make something for myself that isn't for a grade for so loooooong now and I am finally going to have the time to do it. In order to stay motivated and keep on track, I am going to join the Summer Spark Sew Along.


By the end of June, I will complete a Lisette Portfolio Tunic. I will also be finishing the Sorbetto that I started last week in order to get more comfortable with my sewing skills. I am really hoping to gain confidence in sewing more than just a straight line. So here's hoping to a fun adventure in sewing!