Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things I have been working on...

I've been super busy with finishing my thesis work for school, so I haven't had much time to work on a whole lot. I'm planning on photographing my work in progress tonight or tomorrow as well as my final installation at the end of the year school-wide show. (If you are in the Cincinnati area, look up DAAPworks - that's what I'll be participating in!) But in case you're curious, here's what I've been up to:

- Sewing and embroidering fabric sculptures (will get a special post in the near future)
- Working on a Hufflepuff cross stitch (on hiatus until I finish my thesis work)
- Learning all sorts of sewing techniques such as making and sewing on bias tape, proper hemming and seam finishing techniques (I'm a big fan of french seams right now!), and figuring out how to do an FBA
- Making a muslin for a Sorbetto

The last one was because I was sick of looking at the other stuff I was working on and I've been wanting to make a Sorbetto for forever. I cut out a size 14 with the length of an 18 and other than needing an FBA and the dart lowered, it fits pretty well. I might make it a little longer than the muslin, just because I prefer longer tops, but the current length is ok, too. I'm going to have to wait until after the weekend to figure out the FBA and whatnot, but I am excited. I am really looking forward to the summer so I can have the ever elusive thing called "free time". Are you all excited for summer? Any crafty plans?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cross Stitch

To keep myself sane and to give me a project to keep my hands busy that also lets me clear my head, I have been working on a cross stitch. It's taking me quite a while, so it's not really much to look at currently, but I can tell you it involves Hufflepuff and something that badgers do best. I don't know if any of you have done cross stitch before, but when you get patterns that involve lots of colors, it's really difficult to think about anything other than counting stitches. Which is great for me, because if I can have time to shove everything school related out of my head for a few hours a week, I am much better off! I only have a few weeks until I present my thesis, so all things anti-stress are quite a relief.

So here are a few cross stitch goodies for you to look at. They aren't your typical cross stitches, either, which I think makes them a little extra special!

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

The last one I actually saw in person at Crafty Supermarket last weekend and the ladies from Purple Hippo Stitches are so funny! 

So what do you all think about cross stitch? Are there certain kinds of projects do you do when you need a laugh or just need to clear your head?