Tuesday, March 27, 2012


First off, let me just say I had a wonderful time in Boston and once I get some photos uploaded and sorted, I will share some fun things from my trip. There was wonderful weather and lots of things to do and friends to see, so overall M and I had a fantastic time. I don't know how we ended up with such a beautiful, warm, sunny week (considering the last time we went was also late March and it was pretty cold), but I'm glad we did! But now the vacation is over and it's time to get back into the swing of grad school and thesis work.

Today was my first day of my fiber art class. It's very open ended as to what we can do and what we can work with, so I'm pretty excited to think about what I want to do. We looked at a massive presentation of different artists that work with fibers, but here are three who have themes I am thinking of pursuing. (My thesis for art education has to do with studying more ecological and environmentalist artwork in the classroom, so I am hoping to keep up with these themes for this class.)


India Flint dyes fabric with natural materials found in her area, also called eco dying. I am seriously considering using all natural materials for this project - so things that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and possibly biodegradable, so I might experiment with dying. If not now, it certainly sounds like an interesting thing to try in the future!


Margarita Cabrera has a series of works where she made soft sculptures of things such as bikes, cars, and every day objects (I thought the sewing machine was appropriate!) and it caught my attention. I spend quite a bit of my paper talking about how people view trash and what some of the attitudes on waste are, so I thought it might be an interesting idea instead of collecting trash for a sculpture (which was one of my first ideas) to make my own. So soft sculptures of water bottles, cans, plastic bags...anything which you'd typically see as litter. I could use actual fabric for this or make a fabric out of trash, such as plastic bags or labels from bottles and cans. 


Kiki Smith is just an amazing artist in general and I really like her work, but what caught my attention today were some dolls she had made. She screen printed the image onto fabric, which I have also seen elsewhere and also enjoy. So maybe I could find some eco-friendly inks (dunno if the ones I've used in the past are, but I am leaning towards probably not) and print my own fabric patterns. That's something I've wanted to try anyways, as I have a background in printmaking and sometimes I just do not like the patterns on fabrics I typically see in stores. (I am a pretty simple person to please, but midwestern stores are just full of things that are just not, well, me or are not appropriate to my age or style.) So there's another thing I'd like to mess around with!

I only have 10 weeks to complete whatever it is I decide on though, so I need to make a decision pretty fast, but I think I'll use this and next week to experiment and then get to making! And everyone in my class has very diverse interests and backgrounds, so I'll make sure to share what sorts of things they come up with, too.

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