Monday, February 13, 2012

Teaching and things...

I have been busy busy busy teaching since January (and still am!) but I have not fallen off of the face of the earth. Most of my free time has been spent making artwork examples for classes or fixing lesson plans or continuing work on my masters thesis, but I'm pretty happy! One of the classes I got to teach at the high school I was at (I'm now at an elementary school) was a fiber art class, so I got to refresh all of my hand sewing and embroidery skills. 

Me giving a presentation on moccasins!

The big project that I came up with for them was a moccasin project - using both historical and contemporary moccasins as inspiration, the students had to create slippers out of felt and then decorate them with embroidery, applique, and/or beads. I had to make a pair for examples, so once I draft up a proper pattern, I'm going to share them! I made mine out of fleece and felt and they are super warm and comfy and are also really easy to customize. 

Teaching that particular class really gave me an I-want-to-sew bug, so since I have a four day weekend after this week (I love inservice days that happen on a Friday right before a holiday!), I really want to try making a skirt... I've got Simplicity 2224 as well as The Colette Sewing Handbook, so either I'm going to make view A from 2224 or the Meringue skirt from the book. I've got enough grey cotton to make at least one of them and plenty of scraps to applique onto it. I love the look of this dress from Modcloth, so I'm thinking of doing something similar, but not necessarily with birds... We'll see!

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