Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Wow, I can't believe it's almost been a month since I've posted. Things have gotten pretty hectic with school, so my free time has dwindled drastically and sadly I've been neglecting my blog. I've still been reading other blogs, just not writing. But since things are almost over and I have a few minutes to myself, I thought I'd share what I've been planning on making for Christmas! I've decided that this year I'm going to hand make gifts for everyone except my mom. (Well, she gets something handmade in addition to a  bought gift as well, because she's special and I like trying to give her a little something extra. Yay moms!) But here are some of my plans:

First: milk liqueur. (Image borrowed from site.) I first heard about it on Lee Meredith's blog (who has some awesome knitting designs, check her out!) earlier this year and thought it sounded really interesting. Well when the time came to think of things to make for my friends, this sounded like a good idea! I started browsing for other recipes, because I wanted to see if there were more variations than the chocolate and lemon one, which is how I found The Kitchn version. If you scroll down, you'll see suggestions and the one I'm most interested is in the chai recipe. My friends and I all like tea in some shape or form and I'm pretty sure we all agree that chai is delicious, so why not? I'm going to make a test batch to see how it turns out and I think I might want to try a chocolate variation but with mint leaves in addition to the chocolate and lemon. Putting some liqueur in small jars with some cute fabric and ribbon sound like a nice little gift!

Another edible (ingestable?) crafty gift idea that sounded delicious was White Chocolate Caramel Pears, which was posted over at Crafty Christmas Club last year. They sound SO delicious. Also family friendly, so I can give them to friends/family that can't/don't drink. I honestly can't wait to try this recipe out. Hopefully I don't eat them all myself!

One of my friends requested a version of the purse I made (shown in my first post, pattern is available here). She bought the fabric, but I'm making it for her so it partially counts. Mostly because the only time I have to make it is around Christmas. But she is getting other things as well, so it's more of a happy addition to the surprise gifts.

If any of you have ever watched the series Firefly, then you should recognize Jayne Cobb's hat. My boyfriend and I love this series and my boyfriend has stated that he wants one of these hats, so this will be one of his handmade gifts. (I am most likely making him a scarf as well, but probably in different colors.) Silly hats are my specialty, so I'm going to have fun making this one!

So these are definitely some of the projects I'll be making in the next month and there might be a few others depending on what I have time for. I'm excited to make all of them, but I'm particularly excited about the liqueur! I hope it turns out. I will keep you all updated!

What kinds of gifts are you planning on making this year?

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