Monday, October 31, 2011

More Cadence Progress!

So I "completed" the body of my Cadence sweater last night.

Why the ""? Because 1. the bind off is far too tight and 2. I am not crazy about the length. The bottom edge, if you look closely, is puckered, which is not only unflattering, it could also cause problems when I block it - especially if the sweater shrinks a little. Considering how stretchy this sweater is, I don't need a random tight spot! I did a decrease bind off, which is supposed to be a stretchy bind of and usually is for me, but not this time. I think I'll use a size US13 or US15 needle to bind it off next time. As for the length, I've got a long torso and I really should have measured. But considering that I still have to undo the binding, I'm not really upset about having to undo a few rows.

Other than those two issues, so far it fits great! It's a little lumpy for now, but once I block it, I think it'll be perfect. Trying it on really gave me the drive to finish it so I can wear it. Also I'm kind of excited to alter it as needed, because that means it's going to fit just right. Hooray for self made garments! I can't wait to make more. I hope those of you participating in the knit-a-long are having some success with your sweaters and those of you that are on hiatus to learn more about lace charts are doing well.


  1. I just finished the lace cart last night. :) I'm going kind of slow but that's ok with me.

  2. Oh, this is marvellous!!! I love it!!

    I'm still working away on my practice pieces, but seeing your gorgeous almost finished jumper really inspires me to push on!