Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall Challenge

Ok, here is my official "I want to get these done by December" board. There are two knitting projects and two sewing projects/patterns. The palette I want to stick with is at the bottom and the yarn options I'm considering/am using are shown as well. (Can't decide between the three yarns for Owls. Thoughts?) The Sorbetto top and Simplicity 2224 patterns I might make more than once if they fit well. Hence all the extra colors!

I'm leaving myself some space to expand upon if I have time. Also this doesn't include my Renaissance Festival dress, but depending what fabric I find, it may also be in this palette. (I'm currently torn between making it in a midnight blue, plum, or emerald. I know I won't decide until I'm physically in the store...)


  1. What a lovely palette! Sorbetto is such a versatile pattern, I'm sure you'll be making several versions. I'm a big fan of sewing multiples - after all, if it fits well and you love it, why not make lots? :)

  2. That's how I feel about all clothing in general! I'm sure I'll love it. :D

  3. I like yours colors and planned projects. With your costume plans, you are going to be super busy.


  4. Yeah, I am. :) But the only things that I want to get done in the next month are the Cadence sweater and one costume. The others I'm going to spread out. (Unless I throw in a Sorbetto here and there since it's a quick project.)