Sunday, August 28, 2011

To do list...part 2

Ok, now to post a few of the things I want to sew for my teacher wardrobe. A lot of these seem to be more summery patterns, but I am a big fan of layering and if I use mid weight fabrics in non-summery colors, I think I will be ok.

First up, because it's free and so many projects have looked so great, the Sorbetto top. I've seen several of these with sleeves, which look really nice, but sleeveless would also be good for wearing under jackets and cardigans. It also looks like it's very easy to customize along the pleat. Buttons, lace, etc. give it a little something extra and I could easily figure that out.

Simplicity 2226 is a very beginner pattern and since I am a very beginner, I think this would be something good to learn with. The reviews I've read make the instructions sound like they are very easy to follow, which is great, and people have had good luck with the pattern. Also it has pockets. I LOVE skirts with pockets. (I am one of those people who feel a little lost when I don't have pockets.) Actually, I think all the skirts on this list have pockets. Which is probably why I want to make them!

Simplicity 2224 is another easy to sew pattern that I think would be good to start out with. Again there are pockets and knee length is the length I go for in all of the skirts I wear. This pattern also has pants and shorts, though, which could be something good for me to use in the future. (I'd probably just make pajama pants or something, though. I am extremely picky about how pants fit me and don't want to mess around with trying to make professional pants yet.)

Ginger does not have pockets, BUT it's a very cute A line skirt and I love the two waistband options. A lot of bloggers have been using Colette patterns and I've loved everything that has been done with them, so I think it'd be a good choice. It's also one of their beginner level patterns, which is good for me.

Another beginner Colette pattern, Crepe is possibly one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen. I love wrap styles that wrap in the back and the polkadot version on the site is adorable. I don't know if this would necessarily be for my teacher wardrobe, I just want one in general. I need more dresses and this one looks like it'd be easy to make for both casual and dressy wear.

Sencha and Beignet are two patterns (again from Colette) that I would like to try in the future when my sewing skills are a little better. Sencha has three versions that all look great that could again be paired with cardigans and Beignet is yet another skirt with pockets that looks flattering on just about everyone who has made it in sewist blogspace.

I hope to accomplish all of these patterns at some point, but other than possibly some of the first few patterns, I am not going to give myself a deadline on these. I would like to at least have one or more Sorbetto tops and at least one skirt by January, but the others can wait. I know the fall is going to be crazy for me and unlike knitting projects, sewing projects are not portable. I'll have to fit them in as I can, but that doesn't mean I can't hope! And they will be good additions to my teacher wardrobe after I'm done with school, too.


  1. You should join our Fall Essentials Sew-Along! I love, love Simplicity patterns, especially vintage ones, and sew almost exclusively with them (Colette and Butterick make up the difference). Have you seen the free sleeve pattern for Sorbetto?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your fab new wardrobe!

  2. I saw when Sew Weekly did the 7 Days of Sorbetto, but I had not seen the pattern! Thanks! And maybe I will join the sew along...we'll see. Depends on how much work I've got once I go back to school. :)