Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Finds!

Ok, so my friend C and I went to a JoAnn's today to find some fabric for her yukata, which sadly she did not. The JoAnn's we decided to go to was closing, so their fabric selection was very slim. (Don't worry, it's not closing closing, they are moving this location to another location that is bigger and also gets more traffic.) But good for me, this means they had a close out on their patterns! So I was able to get the Simplicity 2224 patterned I mentioned last time as well as 3 costume patterns. I consulted my friends and the official Renaissance Dress I will be making is...Butterick 4827! The original dress I was planning on making. C used to be part of a group called SCA that did a lot of reenactments and whatnot and has worn many a renaissance dress. She told me that drop sleeves are notorious for getting in the way of everything, so it might be best to not have those. And then we agreed that the "Maid Marian" type style dress would be better since not as many people would be wearing that dress. (Which is true, most wear the peasant style dress, with the corset and skirt, and the rest wear very Elizabethan dresses, which are beyond me at this point.) I was also able to pick up two more patterns:

Butterick 4571


Simplicity 4940

The Butterick is for when I do decide I want the bell sleeves and the Simplicity is for a LotR/elf costume if I ever decide to make one. Both patterns were about $1 (hooray clearance!) and why not? I know my friends are planning on having a Song of Ice and Fire themed dinner and we'd mentioned dressing up for it. (Have I mentioned we're nerds?) If you've never read those books, it's ok, this will just give me an excuse to go to a themed dinner and figure out how to make mulled wine and honey cakes.

Ok, I'll spare you more nerdiness. Some other good news about today was that I got some free fabric today from my mentor teacher! One piece in particular could make a CRAZY, but awesome, top or skirt. Whatever I make with it, it's going to scream, "ART TEACHER," which is not a bad thing! I'm excited. After I wash the dust out of the fabric, I'll post pictures!

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