Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yukata Day 1

I've been dealing with packing, yard sales, and moving for the past few weeks, so not only have I not had time to update, I haven't had time to sew! And right now, sadly, I don't even really have a place to set up my sewing stuff yet. I may have to set up a folding table in the basement just to work on something. (It's not that bad, it's a finished basement, but I like natural light. A lot. Art school spoiled me in that respect.) Now that I'm moved, I hope to update more, especially once I get a workable sewing station set up.

But anywho, during the last weekend in June I got together with some friends for a sewing party. We've been planning for a loooong time now to cosplay as the Sailor Senshi in yukata. (Yes. I am a nerd. Let's just get that out of the way.)

We didn't actually get a lot of sewing done, but we did get the pieces of about 3 yukata cut out. If you've never seen a yukata or even know what that is, it's essentially a kimono that is made out of cotton that girls and ladies wear to summer festivals and the like. (In the pattern above, we're using the one with the shorter sleeves and simpler obi.) The traditional yukata is unlined, but since Ohayocon is in January, we're lining them and using a heavier cotton for both the yukata and the obi (the wide waist sash). So cutting out the yukata took longer than I thought it would, especially since we started with the two tallest people, who conveniently enough are being the two tallest characters, Sailor Jupiter (me) and Sailor Pluto. Let's just say half of my friends' living room was taken up by fabric.

If you don't know much about Sailor Moon, well, we're in the same boat. This wasn't one of the shows that I watched growing up like most of the girls participating, so I've been slowly learning more about the characters, but a basic run down of Sailor Jupiter is she's tall, has brown hair and green eyes, is a tomboy who likes flowers and likes to bake, and her colors are pink and green. Honestly her description fits me to a T, except that I'm not really a fan of pink. (I own one pink shirt and in rare occasions I like certain shades, but most of the time it's blah.) But seriously, tall femme tomboy who likes green, nature, and baking? That's me. (Just for reference, I am 5'10"/5'11". I am not lying about the tall part! Pluto and I tower over the other girls, which in this case is a very good thing.)

But back to the yukata, I am really happy with the fabric I got! At first I was worried about finding the exact shades of green and pink, but I didn't mind. Having a fabric with leaves on it is great, especially since there are splashes of the dark green in the leaves and I got a dark green for the lining. (Though I had to order the lining online and am not quite happy with it being a more blue green instead of more of a dark olive, I'll deal with it since it's on the inside.) And since I am not the biggest fan of pink, I decided to skip the bubblegum color for the obi and went with a really pale pink, which conveniently enough makes the pink in the leaf fabric pop out more. So while being feminine, the fabrics aren't really girly and I think once it's done, it'll be quite lovely!

I also got some flower buttons that I'll hot glue to some glass plugs I have that I don't wear often and a cord, tassels, metal leaves, and some flower beads to make an obijime (a decorative cord you tie around your obi). I only bought one tassel, so I only have one end of the obijime completed and I'm not really sure what to do with the metal leaves, but I'll figure something out. I also think I might repaint the leaves, since they match the lining and not the cord...but that can wait until I figure out if I'm actually going to use them or not.

My yukata is going to have to wait for a little while, as I don't have the pattern and don't really know where to begin, but if I get a workable station up, I'm going to try to finish the quilt blocks I started before I leave for vacation. I want to get some progress! I would like to finish this quilt before the end of the summer before the opening days at the schools I'm student teaching at this winter. (Those start in August, but luckily I don't go back to uni until the end of September, so even if I don't finish it before opening days, I'll have some time before I start class.)

Until next time! Hopefully I'll have more of my quilt to share or will try my hand at a Sorbetto top from Colette Patterns. So many of the bloggers I follow have made at least one and all of them say it's a great top, so maybe I'll start down the hand sewn clothing route with that top. Other than the darts and bias tape, it seems relatively simple, so hopefully it will go ok.

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