Monday, June 20, 2011

First post!

Hey there! I'm Linds and I'm new to sewing, so I hope to use this to document my progress. I've only had brief tutorials in person and everything else I've learned so far (which is not much) has been self taught. I have been mending things by hand for a long time, but I have almost no experience with sewing machines and had never followed a sewing pattern before. (But so far, the written instructions for basic patterns are a whole lot easier than knitting patterns! Also thank goodness for the internet, or I'd never get anywhere.) But due to a friend lending me a machine and messing around with it and then buying a machine of my own, here I am trying to make things. We'll see how it goes.

My first fully completed project is this purse.

It was in an issue of Quilts and More that I bought when I first got interested in learning how to sew by making a quilt. When I went shopping for quilt fabric (at JoAnn Fabrics), I saw the fruit fabric and fell in love with it. It was really bright, but simple, and I just had to have it. I really enjoyed this pattern and I think I may make the messenger bag option in the future.

Speaking of my quilt fabric, I've had it sitting around for months and just started cutting blocks today! (I'm currently pursuing a masters degree and it soaks up all my free time, but it's summer now, so I can actually do crafty things.) It's one thing to see all the fabrics lined up next to each other, but seeing them pieced together makes them seem so lovely. I really like the colors I picked out, I hope it turns out nicely and I don't botch it up.

Also I have no idea what to do with this fabric I bought at Ikea. The pattern is too big for a shirt (or maybe it's not) and since it's mostly white, I don't want to use it for a bag. I guess I could do what I originally planned, which was to stretch it and hang it up, but I kind of want to do something else with it! Pillow? Skirt? Anything simple really...

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